Where It Began

Blue Moose started as an idea, a notion that settling for good enough was unacceptable, and that freshness and flavor should be held to higher standards. Each of our products is made from scratch and hand-crafted in small batches – this results in a tastier, more authentic product. We proudly craft our products in Colorado.

Colorado Made

Who We Are

Culinary innovators who embody the adventurous spirit of the Rocky Mountains and we’re proud of our award-winning bold, addictive flavors.  Our products are the perfect shortcut for the home chef or snack to fuel the adventurer for their next challenge.

Unicycle Moose

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make snacking healthier.  We believe that with food, as in life, what you put in is what you get out. And good for you isn’t good enough. It’s got to taste and be great too. We don’t cut corners, we only use the highest quality Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and premium ingredients you can find.

Cold Pressure Prepared Seal

Our Cold Pressure Protection

Preservatives and high heat are not found anywhere near our products. Instead we keep them fresh with cold pressure. It’s a natural step that uses extreme pressure to keep products fresh and protects them from bacteria – so you can always dip worry free!

Curious how cold pressure works? Packages are submerged in cold water and a pressure of 5x the depth of the ocean floor is applied.  This steps ensures that you get the same great flavor, texture and nutrients every time you enjoy our products.  You won’t find over-processed dips and spreads with our name on them, only the freshest ingredients and real flavor.