We make the highest quality, best tasting hummus you can buy.

  • We start from scratch, with whole Organic Garbanzo Beans, not canned or pre-cooked beans
  • Then we hand sort and cook the Organic Garbanzo Beans in house to perfection
  • Next we portion out the cooked beans into small batches, which results in a tastier and more authentic dip
  • Then we blend in the best ingredients we can find – we’re talking: Organic Tahini, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Garlic, Organic Lemon Juice, Sea Salt and other high quality ingredients to add flavor
  • Once our hummus is mixed we portion it out into individual containers and label it with our Blue Moose (he doesn’t settle for anything fake, only real ingredients and flavors)
  • Finally, we wouldn’t ruin all of our insanely good ingredients with high heat or preservatives. Instead, we use Cold Pressure to keep our delicious products fresh. Bonus: this natural step also helps to maintain vitamins!
  • So go ahead… Snack like there is a tomorrow.