Green Chile Cheddar Spread

This savory spread is perfect balanced with mild green chiles and Sartori MontAmore Cheese.

Green-ChilePairing: Next time you’re entertaining, impress your guests with our Green Chile Cheddar Spread – Use it as a spread with crackers or a dip with sliced vegetables.


  1. Michael Judge

    Your roasted pepper and aged cheddar spread is the best thing I have ever tasted. I am getting at least five packs for my big Halloween party! Love ya!

  2. Mitzy

    Had some at Costco tasting station..didn’t buy it that day but had to go back the following week to look for it. Voila, to my delight, I found it and the rest is delicious history….

  3. Shelley

    I just found this at my local Costco. I usually buy the Smoked Gouda cheese spread, which is awesome. So I just had to try this. I used it instead of mayo in a crab salad. Wonderful!!!! Hope my Costco continues to stock this.

  4. Peter T Curtiss

    I’ve been a Hatch Green Chile fan since moving to Albuquerque, NM in 1971.
    Now living in Tucson, AZ where the Hatch Green Chile was sparse to find anywhere up until this past few years, I found the Costco demonstration of the Blue Moose of Colorado Hatch Green Chile Cheddar Spread, tasted it and bought two cartons.
    Fantastic Find!

  5. Michelle Roberts

    A friend brought some to work, and we all loved it. I think I could have eaten the whole container if I was by myself. I was raised in Denver, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico, and know that Hatch Green Chile is the best. I was very excited to hear that this was being sold in Huntsville, Alabama, where I live now.

  6. Janice Stevenson

    We are new fans! Tried it at Costco in Sarasota Florida. and bought it on the spot. Our new go to cheese snack. I hope Costco continues to carry it! Yum!!!

  7. Patti Wahlund

    Delish!! Can it be frozen?

  8. Peggy Andreas

    Costco Albuquerque/Eubank is all out. ☹ We love this Hatch green and cheddar.

  9. Michelle A

    found it at Costco and LOVED it! Now I can’t find it anywhere – the Hatch Green Chile Cheddar Spread was a huge hit and now I’m scrambling to find it – excellent product!!!!

  10. Jay Parris

    Yep. Its as good as everyone is saying. Bought it at the South Austin Tx., Costco

  11. Debra

    Why is costco not caring this awesome dip anymore in Las Vegas? Where can I purchase this here?

  12. crystal

    Found your brand at publix in florida. The cheddar green chile is to die for! I ate the whole thing in one night LOL!! Can’t wait to try the fig spread. Happy I found your brand.

  13. Francine Smith

    I found this at the Costco in Waterbury Ct and Loved it!!!!!!! Have already bought 3 containers… can’t wait to buy more! So happy I found this product!!!!!!

  14. Brian

    Liked it so much we used it as salad dressing!


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