Organic Green Chiles add a mild kick to this hummus. It’s the perfect flavor for those who don’t follow the herd.


Green-ChilePairing: Tired of the same salad dressing? Whisk our Green Chile Hummus with a squeeze of lemon juice and a splash of water or olive oil. This creamy hummus dressing will make any salad disappear.



  1. Linda

    Just bought the green chile hummus at Costco and it’s the best hummus I have ever tasted!! It was the first thing to go at my labor day party.

  2. Lydia

    Also bought this at Costco after buying their Gouda cheese spread on a previous trip. Both were awesome, but this is hands down my favorite hummus to date. Will buy again and plan on trying other Blue Moose of Boulder products. Already expecting to buy for all the holiday parties.

  3. Michelle

    I’ve never devoured a hummus so fast. Already planning my next trip to the grocery store for this one.

  4. Susan Bjerke

    Unbelievably good. We love it so much that it has become our go to snack. Nice work Blue Moose!

  5. Jason

    This is the best hummus ever and apparently I’m not the only one who thought so. It flew off the shelves at Costco faster than I’ve seen any other product move in years.


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