White Balsamic Fig Dip

This naturally sweet spread is known to disappear from party platters, so dip early and often.


FigPairing: Skip dessert and dip juicy strawberries into our creamy White Balsamic Fig Dip.


  1. JC Smith

    Your fig spread is wonderful. We have a question regarding the amount of sugar added to the natural figs in the recipe.
    We look forward to your answer.

  2. Pam

    I can’t find your green chile cheddar spread anywhere…I tried and bought it at my Costco…They don’t have it anymore….Where can I find it…I live in Paradise Valley Arizona.

  3. Suzanne Twohey

    I don’t know what to do with the fig spread I bought at Costco today. Your website says to dip strawberries in it. I’m more interested in using it as a cracker spread or maybe as a veggie dip?
    Please give me some suggestions.

  4. Deborah Rudd

    I am looking for your Hatch Green Chili Cheddar Spread also. Where can we get it if it isn’t on your website and Costco no longer carries it.

  5. Joyce Perkins

    not in stores near me where can I order on line the fig spread

  6. Paul Solari

    Where the heck can I find your delicious “Fig Spread” being sold?
    Thank you!

  7. Mary Lou Halliburton

    I can’t find the fig spread in any store listed on this page. Where is it being sold?

  8. Reg Sappie

    None of the stores listed have WHITE BALSAMIC FIG DIP…its the BEST…how can I buy some…yum yum


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